Ever Pretty Co., Ltd. manufactures a wide range of EVA material containers for EVA boxes, bait buckets, and many other uses.   We have begun taking pictures of Ever Pretty products in use.  Until now, Ever Pretty exclusively marketed their products to the Japanese market.  EVA buckets and boxes have the following features:

SaltWater FISHING! is very pleased to announce that we are now exclusive agent for Ever Pretty products in the North America.  We will provide Ever Pretty products to bona fide distributors and wholesalers in the United States and North America.  Orders with a minimum of 1000 units only, please.  We believe the EVA products will be very popular in the United States as they are highly functional, colorful and environmentally safe.

Best of Category
Fishing Accessories

Ever Pretty EVA
display at ASA show

First Runner-Up
    Best of Show     

Ever Pretty EVA "Minnow Container" Bucket wins Best of Category and 1st Runner-up of all products at the American Sportsfishing Association (ASA) Show in Chicago, July 9-11, 1999!  Alert organizations such as All Outdoors covered this news.

Ever Pretty products can also reproduce any product to your specification with your label.   Limited numbers of samples will be available for serious inquiries only.  If you are a bona fide distributor or wholesaler, please feel free to contact us to receive a Ever Pretty products catalog, pricing and/or to place your orders.